Taxes are simply too darned high. Our state has some of the most onerous tax rates in the nation. It's not just about high incomes either. In California the worst taxes are levied on the hardest working people. People who own businesses like restaurants, small markets, print shops, computer consultancies and the like are burdened beyond reason.

For this reason many small businesses sind up failing or worse wind up being audited because the only way to survive is to try and avoid the tax man. No one should have to decide between skirting the law and providing for their children.

I promise to not only work to lower taxes, but as your assemblyperson, I will resist raising all taxes, vote only for the lowering or elimination of them and seek to cut budgets across the board. The budget of the State of California is only out of control because of mismanagement, not because there is not enough money for what government is chartered to do.

Social Justice

Consider the term Social Justice. What does it mean? Some try to make it complicated. For those people social justice is a term they toss around any time they want to use or abuse people. The same parties that created racially biased immigration laws, and routinely target minorities, are never going to provide true social justice. There is too much profit in threatening people with deportation or imprisonment, and too many politicians have their fortunes tied up in the prison industry or in using cheap slave labor from undocumented people.

I see it differently. Social justice is not complicated, and it is not racially bigotted. You start with simple and just laws and you apply them to all people evenly and fairly. You do not rob from one person to give to another. That is not social justice, that is setting both people up to be your servant or slave.

I will go to Sacremento with the goal of ridding us of California's most unjust and racially biased laws and enforcement mechanisms. I will hold policing agencies responsible, once again, for the welfare of the people that they come in contact with. I will push to end the unconstitutional and rapacious practice of civil forfeiture, and I will seek to pass laws that make it easier for corruption to be exposed and prosecuted.


California spends more money per student than just about any other state and has the worst results for the dollars thrown away. Our children deserve better. I love public education. As a society is is necessary for us to make sure that everyone has access to learning the skills to engage this world. But that is not what our schools do because our schools are in the hands of the worst possible people.

The situation is so bad that many people find they have to have their kids go to a second school in order to keep their children literate in their traditional culture or to give them a decent competitive edge in life. Those who work hard for their children's education should not be taxed to death for it and have poor choices or only one choice. Schools should be independent and trying many styles, and free to teach in the traditions of their households.

I love public education but I have a reasonable concern over government education. Not everything in society should be led by the men we task with using force to get things done. We need to put the job of helping educate and raise our children back into the guiding hands of those good people who dedicate their lives to education. We need to empower teachers and parents alike to make choices best for the kids and that the money goes directly to the classrooms.

Health and Care

When you go to a doctor today, it can be a disturbing experience. They have little time to see you, if they see you at all because more often than not you get pushed off onto a nurse practitioner; the doctor just reviews the lab results. The front desk people are cold and sometimes abusive over paperwork, unwilling to explain procedures. You are instructed to fill out questionaires for the doctor before he or she sees you to optimize their time.

Giant mega-corporations own every aspect of healthcare. Their vanguard are incestuous insurance companies that are protected by law from anti-trust. They own the whole supply chain. They can charge whatever they like, and they do; they can tell doctors how to diagnose problems or even tell them not to diagnose problems, and they do; they can withold access to medicine or make people pay rediculous amounts for their patented drugs, and they do; they can squeeze us for every dollar we have left, safe from competition or reprisal because by law, they are a cost-plus industry motivated to raise prices as far as they can, and they do.

Medical care is regulated at the state level, but in California and most states the regulations are written entirely to give a handful of people complete control over the care of everyone. We can fix this problem, bust up the monopolies, bring back hospitals, give doctors control over their practice again. We need to act quickly and at the state level to do so.